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Megacor Diagnostik – FASTest CCoV Strip Test – Box of 10

FASTest® CCoV Strip is a rapid immunochromatographic test for the qualitative detection of Canine Coronavirus antigens in feces of the dog.

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The Canine Coronavirus (CCoV) belongs to the most common causal agents of viral enteritides in dogs of all ages. Due to its high infectiveness, group husbandry encourages the onset of a CCoV infection with clinical symptoms. The antibody prevalence is indicated with up to 54% for pet dogs and 80% for kennel dogs.

Infection takes place orally via infected feces (elimination ca. 3–14 days post infection) or via direct contact with infected animals.

A pure CCoV infection is characterized by a mild, often self-limiting course with anorexia, apathy and more or less severe diarrhoea. Newborn puppies often show a severe course of the disease. Unspecific signs of enteritis like diarrhoea, respiratory or central nervous symptoms can occur.

Clinically, CCoV infection can hardly be differentiated from a mild CPV infection, but a CCoV infection never shows a leukopenia. The infection course can be transient (shedding ceases after several months, healthy dog) as well as persistent (life-long elimination in case of dogs with or without chronic diarrhoea).

Due to co-infections (25% of all cases of canine enteritis) of CCoV with Canine Parvovirus (CPV), fatal courses with a mortality of 80% occur. In these cases, the fast on-site identification of the pathogen is inevitable.

With the FASTest® CCoV Strip the veterinarian is able to detect or exclude a CCoV infection fast and specifically on-site. In case of co-infection with CPV, a prognosis for the further progress of disease should be made carefully.

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