Bioscint Engineering Ltd saw its foundations set up within the Biomedical Engineering Department at Saint James Hospital Group.

The department was initially created in 2009, and was composed of a team of electrical and electronic engineers which oversaw the medical equipment portfolio of Saint James Group. Today, Bioscint Engineering Ltd has branched out as a leading medical and engineering firm in Malta, extending its expertise and services to third party clients operating in the healthcare, scientific and veterinary field.

Throughout its 7 years of operation, the team operating within Bioscint Engineering has amassed sound experience in all aspects of medical and scientific engineering. With a portfolio of services which include facility design,  sourcing of equipment, as well as maintenance on medical and scientific engineering, Bioscint Engineering can now offer the complete spectrum of services to prospective clients.

Saint James


Bioscint Engineering aims to design better healthcare and scientific facilities, assist them with procuring state-of-the-art equipment, and support their operation with superior technical expertise.

Facility Design

We aim to design beautiful healthcare and scientific facilities – be they hospitals, clinics or even research laboratories – with a mind frame that leads to simple, yet beautifully functional layouts.

Equipment Sourcing

A healthcare or scientific facility is not complete without equipment with which to run the service. Assisting our clients with them procuring such equipment is thus an integral part of our service, with which we ensure that our customers set up the facility and service they desire.

Biomedical Engineering

Our clients are provided with the long term peace of mind they require: we offer both on-site and off-site commissioning and acceptance testing as well as maintenance services on equipment owned or procured by the customer.


  • True dedication to the job. Giving a quick, efficient and professional service is how Bioscint has come to be known to us.

    Paul McAlisterManager - OK Medical
  • Bioscint already came highly recommended when I first got in touch with them. I was not disappointed. Bioscint can be relied on for immediate repairs on site.

    J. AbelaClient
  • Professional service, approachable team members. Bioscint delivers its  commitments to the highest degree. Highly recommended.

    M. SpiteriClient

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