Benefits of Pressure Plate Analysis

Pressure plate analysis is a test done to measure the forces going through one’s feet as they go about their activities such as walking, running lifting loads and so on. The measure is achieved by using a sophisticated device (a foot pressure plate) which produces a clear graphical image of the pressure experienced by every part of the foot. The analysis is essential to determine where the feet experience the most pressure.

How is pressure plate analysis performed?

Pressure plate analysis is quite a simple procedure which only takes minutes to complete and an orthotist often performs the analysis. When someone walks, runs or even stands still on the pressure plate (this is a mat-like object with multiple sensors) connects to either a computer/tablet or screen which shows information concerning where your pressure distribution is displayed. The sensors evaluate the pressure and then display the information in the form of a graph or images.

The relevance of the analysis.

You might wonder what the essence of doing a pressure plate analysis is. The process has a couple of advantages that won’t hurt undergoing it. Firstly it is very straightforward and easy to perform. The analysis is accurate as it shows a concise distribution of body pressure on the feet. It also gives a comparison of the pressure distribution between both feet.

The benefits of pressure plate analysis

Many low back pains and pains experienced along the extent of the lower limbs arise due to unequal distribution of forces on the feet. Therefore, a pressure plate analysis is essential for the diagnosis and treatment of the varied conditions arising from this pressure imbalance. Foot pressure has a direct influence on your gait, the position you assume when walking,standing or running. The influence comes about due to the support the feet offers during function. Pressure plate analysis is important of patients with peripheral neuropathies. Peripheral neuropathy is a condition which leads to weak muscles of the peripheral structures whose implication is uneven pressure distribution on the feet. Therefore, the analysis provides the orthotist with the relevant knowledge to treat the condition. Some medical conditions like musculoskeletal system disease often lead to a weakening of peripheral muscle. The implication of such conditions is an unequal distribution of the body’s force which translates to poor gait and eventually one experiences lower limb pains. A pressure plate analysis provides the necessary information on pressure distribution for the specialist consultant to prescribe treatment for such conditions and alleviate pain. A pressure plate analysis is of immense importance in the diagnosis and treatment of a variety of conditions. It is also essential for sportsmen as knowledge on pressure distribution enhances their performance while ensuring they do not harm themselves.

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