Why Should You Take Your Pet for a Blood Test?

Pets aren’t able to tell us how they’re feeling, we can usually notice that something is wrong by the way they act or look. As a pet owner you play a key role in helping your pet combat illness and disease and for them to stay as healthy as possible. Awareness of warning signs and regular health screens including a physical exam and blood test are the best ways to ensure your pets live a long, healthy and happy life.


When is a blood test necessary?


  • Sick and Emergency Situations: When pets are brought into a clinic due to an emergency or because they are sick, a blood test is often the first step as it provides you with a valuable picture of your pets health. It helps the veterinary staff make immediate decisions, so that they can quickly treat your pet.


  • Preanesthetic Testing: Blood tests are routinely done prior to surgery, dentistry or any form of procedure involving anaesthesia. It informs the veterinary staff if anaesthesia is safe for your pet and would allow them to make adjustments if they see anything abnormal. This type of blood test would be performed on the same day as anaesthesia is scheduled, making it easier for you and your pet because it eliminates the need for your pet to fast more than once and reduces the number of trips you need to take to the clinic.


  • Preventive Care Screening: Signs that your pet is sick is not always obvious, so preventive test screening is often recommended as part of your pet’s annual examination. Preventive care screening not only uncovers disease before its too late but can also help you avoid significant medical expenses and risks to your pet’s health.


  • Medication Monitoring: Some medication may cause side effects. Periodic blood tests while your pet is being treated can uncover these problems early and allow your veterinarian to make necessary changes. With other medications, blood tests are needed to ensure dosage is appropriate.

Many of the tests routinely recommended can be performed in-clinic, providing results quickly within minutes and allowing immediate treatment of your pet. In clinic blood testing also lets you be more involved in your pet’s care, since test results can be discussed with your veterinarian while you’re still at the clinic. Normal results can rule out certain diseases, immediately so that you can worry less.

If results are abnormal, your veterinarian can make quick decisions about what the next step will be, including treatment and further testing. This will save you time as well as trips back and forth to your veterinarian and gives you answers that will help your pet straight away.

Bioscint Engineering supports the veterinary community by providing specialized veterinary blood testing machines by world renowned brand Abaxis. Ask your Vet for an Abaxis blood test the next time you visit!


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