Essential Ultrasound Scans You Should Consider

Why an ultrasound scan can answer questions and set your mind at ease.


We normally associate ultrasound machines with pregnancies, and an exam which is usually only undergone by women. As many who have gone through the procedure can tell you, this is not the case. Ultrasound scans can be used for a variety of cases. They are usually requested by doctors to help clarify questions pertaining to symptoms of pain, swelling or infection. However, ultrasounds are also used as pre-cautionary measures, by way of check-ups, as they provide with solid answers to any questions you may have. In essence, ultrasounds are a great way to get to know exactly what our internal organs are up to.


What types of ultrasounds exist and when are they beneficial?


The Heart (Vascular)

When checking for thrombus or blood clots, an ultrasound scan is often performed. A Venous ultrasound together with a transducer is able to confirm or otherwise the presence of clots in the veins by compressing your veins. If the vein can be compressed easily, then your body is free from blood clots. A carotid ultrasound on the other hand provides pictures of the carotid arteries (these are main arteries located in the sides of your neck and which help carry blood from the heart to the brain). This non-invasive ultrasound procedure can help you avoid risks of stroke as it will let you know whether there are blockage sin the arteries.


The Abdomen

Here, ultrasound scans are used primarily to examine organs such as the lover, gallbladder, spleen, pancreas, kidneys and bladder as well as blood vessels to the abdomen. The images captured by the ultrasound will be in real time, so they can show actual movement inside the organs, allowing doctors to see blood flow. Naturally, this will also help make assessments with regards to illnesses and any damage caused. Abdominal ultrasounds can be used to diagnose a variety of issues, such as any pain or abnormal liver function, stones in the kidney or gallbladder, enlarged abdominal organs or aneurysms in the aorta.


The Breast

A breast ultrasound may be requested when a lump is felt during examination or when an area feels particularly tender and/or painful. The ultrasound scan can provide clear imaged of the internal structure and therefore clear any worries concerning the lump.


ultrasound scans


The Pelvis

Pelvic ultrasounds may come in three different types: transabdominal, vaginal (transvaginal or endovaginal) for women or rectal (transrectal) for men.


The lower abdomen is examined in these procedures. While Obstetrical Ultrasound is the name given to the examination of the embryo or fetus during pregnancy, pelvic ultrasounds are also used to determine abnormalities such as menstrual problems or pelvic pain. They can also help pinpoint palpable masses such as ovarian cysts and uterine fibroids as well as the presence of tumours in this area. The urinary bladder for both men and women can be examined with this ultrasound, also for the presence of stones, while in men the transrectal examination would enable doctors to examine the prostrate gland, located just in front of the rectum.


Musculoskeletal (Bones and Muscle)

This type of ultrasound scan is the first assessment tool for the assessment of soft tissue and joint disease. The real-time imaging we mentioned previously enables a more direct approach to treating the individual. A number of pathological conditions can be examined, such as muscles, tendons and ligament pain, shoulder pain, hernias, enlarged cervical lymph nodes and soft tissue swellings and bumps amongst other things.


No, ultrasounds are not just for women expecting babies, or other gynaecological reasons. Ultrasounds can be the answer to a number of physical questions and can guarantee an excellent accuracy rate. Speak to your local clinics to see what types of ultrasound scans they offer and let your mind be at peace.

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